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Color Pencils_U8R8000

Color Pencils_U8R8000

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Inspiration is sometimes fickle, sometimes elusive, and sometimes a non-stopable firehose. But, if not written down, it always fades away. Several years ago I realized that I had better document these moments of inspiration as I had realized that concepts were being forgotten. Conservatively, my “To Shoot” list is 63 pages with at least an average of 25 ideas per page. So, over 1,500 concepts to shoot. This list grows faster than I can remove completed concepts from these pages. Reminds me of Edison’s quote “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. I need a patron!

This series is created from a black & white photograph I saw consisting of over 100 sharpened pencils in black & white by Abelardo Morell’s from 2002 at the Art Institute of Chicago. Seriously, a photograph of sharpened pencils. It sounds so boring and commonplace. But, that inkjet print made in 2012 from a photo from 2002 stopped me in my tracks. I would hang that image in my house next to my William Mortensen’s, my mom’s art, and my photographs. This occurred June 14, 2013. I am cheating on the date as I photographed that photograph as well as the information to the right of the framed sepia print which I just looked up. I placed this image into my “To Shoot” list to see if I can make these pencils as intriguing as Morell made his plus, I need to make it my own.

Here I am nearly three years later and I finally made my first attempted at these pencils. Place, I recruited my friend Carol Ballard to pose with these sharpened objects. At this point my friends and probably my wife Gigi are saying more naked photos. But seriously, am I wrong that nude women in photos are good? This should be a debate for another time. Here, I am using the inspiration of Morell’s amazing photo of pencils. About 350 pencils! I should have counted the number of pencils in the photo first as I purchased 140 thinking that is a lot of pencils for this pho