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Portrait KU8R9386

Portrait KU8R9386

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Payton Huey and Trevor Stantis wedding at Oak Mountain south of Birmingham Alabama. Day of high and high humidity. Once we arrived at the park a thunderstorm blew through that dumped a lot of rain. It actually worked out great although for about 45 minutes during set-up, table cloths had to be stapled down and people were getting wet. But, it dropped the temperature several degrees and by the time most of the guests arrived, it was partially cloudy, no rain, soft light. People were using the fans in the audience but it turned out to be pleasant.
The wedding itself was entertaining. I got a sense of what was planned from the rehearsal dinner with the dancing down the "aisle" the night before. I did not write down the wedding music, but it was not traditional which made the wedding much more of a celebration. The dancing down the aisle starting with the groom Trevor and his parents Janien and Scott Stantis informed the audience this would be a fun-loving wedding. Looking at the crowd, I did not see anyone shocked by the lack of tradition.
Pair by pair the groomsman and the bridesmaids dance their way to the wedding arch. They were followed by a ring bearer and the flower squirrel. Yes, Trevor's friend Todd was in a suit. But, with the addition of squirrel ears, squirrel teeth (not sure if cut from Styrofoam cup), and a squirrel tail that he wore similar to a backpack as her tossed flower petals down the aisle. Definitely a hit with the crowd! Lastly was Payton and her parent's dance to the front. I need to see the video to remember the music being played during each section.
The ceremony was conducted by Trevor's dad Scott who also led the services at his other son's wedding. He must have been reliving that experience when he welcomed everyone to Spencer’s and Chris’s wedding. His "V8" moment was funny when he realized the error and quickly corrected himself.
The service was capped off by Scott changing into