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My daughter Rori and her husband Alan Hans vacationed to visit family. The first half of the week they spent in Southern California out our house (Gigi & I). On Friday, we piled into the Suburban to drive to “The Ranch” in Oakdale California to Alan’s paternal grandmother Di and AJ Kanz. Several family members and friends meet at the ranch twice a year, Memorial weekend being one of the times. This is the first year that Gigi and I attended. I was looking forward to this weekend expecting to photograph the entire weekend; Family, animals, landscapes, abstracts. Plus, it does not happen very often that we get the opportunity to spend time with Alan’s family & friends. They are all great to hang with.
The weekend was filled with multiple events including cook-offs, flotsam races down the irrigation canals, a version of Burning Man. And lots of food, with family members taking turns for the multiple meals. The animals on the ranch includes horses, cows, a pig, sheep, 2 adorable baby goats, a donkey, African geese and other geese, and wild animal life including king snakes, garter snakes, bull frogs (recalling Mark Twain’s story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”), catfish, lots of birds. The list goes on…..
Great time, food, family & friends.
Images Shot over May 27 through May 30, 2016