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© Reidar Schopp, All Rights Reserved, www.RLSFoto.com. The concept was inspired by Gallery Azul's artist call out for a mermaid themed show. As I felt everyone would submit images of "real" mermaids, I wanted to pursue a little girl's fantasy of pretendig to be a mermaid and then seeing one in the distant. But to tell a bigger story, I wanted her dad to be with her and interacting as a father.

There were three stories
1) Daughter struggling to get her dad's attention away from the windsurfers to her and the distant mermaid.
2) Father and daughter sharing the moment. But as the father is kissing his daughter and not seeing the mermaid (other than his own daughter) does that mean the distant mermaid is just the daughter's imagination.
3) The father seeing the mermaid and is not paying any attention to his daughter and that the strap is still around is daughter's neck.

I was concerned about getting this shoot off. I had multiple false starts and went through a few options before getting Matt and Harlee to be the models. And of course today it rained and was chilly, but Matt and Harlee came through wonderfully. And Gigi assisted me and was great at it. Of course, Gigi alse made the mermaid towel for Harlee.