I Said "NO"

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I Said NOI Said NO© Reidar Schopp, All Rights Reserved, www.RLSFoto.com. Giana with 2 Scrabble pieces spelling "NO" as her mom Kristen waits to retrieve.
Had various family members participate in family portraits from Christmas Eve. Also included Giana with 2 Scrabble pieces in her mouth spelling "NO". Includes photos of the Stantis family, my brother's family, Dino's family.

This is a shot that was over 2 years in the making. The concept was instantaneous; it was getting the mom and daughter into the studio that took the time. Persistence does pay off. This concept came to me at Giana's birthday party where her mom Kristen and family where playing games. Giana was doing something that her mom did not approve of, so Kristen told Giana no. In reply, Giana told her mom "No". That's all it took to inspire this photo.

The shirt was luck. Minnie Mouse of the opposite of Giana and in this photo, the contrast of the personalities is apparent. For Giana's pose, it was determined by Minnie Mouse's posture. Giana needed to follow the flow of Minnie's curve and complete the "S". The last of the positioning was Kristen and her hand. I never had the intention of showing Kristen and knew that having Kristen's hand demanding the 2 Scrabble pieces set the relationship between an independent girl and her mom being a parent.

I was relieved once I had captured the vision and the 2 Scrabble pieces.

The set-up was three lights. I had a hair light above, a fill behind me and the main to my right. Shot with my Canon 5D and my 24-70mm lens with a remote cable. The camera was on a Mamiya tripod with an Arca-Swiss head


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