Sea Urchin Kaleidoscope

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Sea Urchin KaleidoscopeSea Urchin Kaleidoscope© Reidar Schopp, All Rights Reserved, Initial image is a firework explosion for the center and street lights for the outer lines captured while driving at night.

Shot from my house the fireworks from the surrounding neighborhood. Early images are on a tripod, but the later are handheld with my 500mm lens. There are too many power lines on obstacles so by handholding and moving the lens during the time exposure, I am expecting the obstacles to disappear.

The center "spiny" image was created from photographing fireworks July 4, 2014. The original image was an explosion that spanned about 130 degrees. So by replicating the image and rotating about the axis, I was able to get a 360 degree explosion. I also copied and flipped the image to add additional depth. The center pattern was created naturally by pinning the same corner of the explosion together where the corner was set to 90 degrees and copying the photo and flipping the image so that the same sides remained together. I masked out all the other layers so that this pattern would not be overlaid and disappear.

For the finishing touches on the center, for each 360 degree set of layers, I shifted the colors from the original orange to a purple layer and a red layer. The center yellow section was the outcome from changing the outer explosions to the purple and red.

The kaleidoscope of lines was from one photograph created from a time exposure that I shot while driving at night at the lights as the car passed. Using the same kaleidoscope technique as the "sea urchin" section, I picked a corner of the street lights and tail lights to form a pattern I enjoyed. I replicated the image 16 times to arrange into this pattern where I was flipping each image to keep the same sides connected. To clarify, I actually joined the first four and used that as a group to flip and replicate. Once I had a complete circle, I replicated that circle then flipped it and rotated 45 degrees to add the complexity of the pattern.

For enhancements to color, I used NIK Color's Bleach Bypass and Color Enhancer and a high level of Curves. This image is 30 inches by 30 inches and is over 2GB. It took me about 4 hours although the first couple of hours were trying to find the patterns that I found pleasing.


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