The Importance of Backups

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GoGo's Breaktime_U8R1268GoGo's Breaktime_U8R1268GoGo McGregor near the end of our shoot where she participated in my Box Series. Here, she is taking a break before we move to the set of her playing pinball at the Crack Fox in downtown St Louis.

Shoot: June 13, 2011

I spent all day looking for this image, in fact all the infrared images from GoGo McGregor's (‎) June 13, 2011 shoot at the Crack Fox ( My main hard drive only contained the metadata files as well as my back-up drive. I began pulling several hard-drives out of various areas searching for the original drive that I was carrying at the time of this shoot.

The horrible feeling that came over me was that I had formatted a small external drive 2 Fridays ago for my trip to Henderson Nevada to visit family. The trash folder had nothing in it. I tried the software Image Rescue 2 but that would not recognize the external drive. Desperate, I emailed Gogo to copy the cd I had mailed to her nearly 3 years ago.

I have been looking at getting a RAID backup system for over a year by now, but there was confusion between the IT place, the network person, and myself as to the size of the system. So, losing GoGo's images was to terrible, so headed off to Fry's. I bought the Western Digital "My Cloud EX4" with 16tb. But, most importantly, I also bought iolo technologies' "Search and Recover" software. Running it against that hard drive and waiting about 10 minutes, it found about 42,000 files. Sorting the file names (as my Canon Mark 1 which I converted to shoot infrared) that start with U8, I was looking through each file and found a photo containing GoGo. Not knowing what else maybe missing from my main hard drives, I set the software to recover all the images. After about three hours, it had finally reached the photos of GoGo and I was able to copy them onto the main drive. Editing the above image that this morning I feared was lost now resides on my Website

Just a note, all the file recoveries will probably not be complete until tomorrow and hopefully will not be needed. Now, if I can just the the new back-up system up and running.


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